Yellow Morel

   The Yellow Morel, Morchella esculenta (Morchellaceae, Pezizales) is blond to yellow-brown in color, and has a honey combed cap on a whitish stalk.   The cap measures 1 5/8-2" wide and 2 3/4-3 1/2" high.   Its shape is oval to elongate, with longitudinal, irregular, yellowish-brown ribs that resemble pits.   The cap is attached to its stalk, which is 1-2" long and 5/8-1" thick, sometimes enlarged at its bade, and whitish in color with granular ribs.   The spores are elliptical in shape and measure 20-24x12-24 microns when examined under a microscope, smooth in appearance, and located within the pits on the cap.   This species of mushroom has not been proven harmful and is a much sought after choice consumable.

  This mushroom grows on the ground, alone or in groups usually in apple orchards and burned areas.   Commonly found near dead elm trees, apple orchards, ash, oak, and beech/maple trees.

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