S.M.R. is proud to offer the equipment listed below to give anyone the ability to enter and investigate the realm of the mycologicial world.   The below listed microscopes are of excellent quality and supply an adaquate amount of magnification to examine the spores of any strain of mushroom.   Both microscopes have internal illumination to ensure proper upper and lower lighting.   Other listed equipment is also available, and is also of the highest quality.   If you should want any of the below listed items, please email us for availabily and shippment dates.

Steindorff® Trinocular Stereo Zoom 7x - 45x

  Steindorff® Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscopes represent the latest in zoom technology.   They are ideal for studying all aspects of biology including living organisms, dissections, in addition to geology, small parts and industrial inspection.   The trinocular head is inclined at a 45 angle for ease of operation and comfort.   A heavy duty slip clutch system assures long life of the rack & pinion system.   Dual diopter controls are standard on both viewing tubes.   The interpupilary distance range is from 55mm to 75mm.

  The three way built in illumination system allows transmitted, incident or dual lighting.   Top light is 12v 20w halogen with variable intensity control and the bottom is cool white fluorescent 110v 5w, that allows for extended examination of live specimens.   The microscope comes in a fitted styrofoam box with instruction manual dust cover and a five year warranty.

Item #sdff01 Cost: $1,750.00 (shipping and insurance included)

Leica® Zoom 2000TM

  Top of the line microscope for applications in biology, botany, entomology, geology, and ecology.   The optics are manufactured from the highest quality glass to assure the finest three dimensional viewing.   The optical system is encased in the body to resist damage from dust and dirt and to prevent tampering.   The zoom system varies from 7X-30X or 10.5X-45X with smooth focusing without losing focus.   The illumination system is a three way system which supplies transmitted, reflected or both simultaneously.   It is designed to keep the temperature cool for safe operation.   The working distance on both models is 100mm.   The eyepieces are permanently attached to eliminate loss or breakage and to guarantee image stability .   The glass stage plate is cemented to prevent leakage or damage of the internal components.   Height 332mm, weight 5.5kg, 175 X 196mm stage.   Comes with a five year manufactures warranty.

Available with 15X eyepieces
Available in 220v

Cost :
Item #lz45
Model Z-45L 10.5-45x Magnification $1495 (shipping and insurance included)
Item #lz30
Model Z-30L 7X-30X Magnification $1495 (shipping and insurance included)

Adventures with a Microscope
Richard Headstrom Unabridged republication of the original edition. 232 pages with 142 illustrations.

  In simple to understand every day language the author takes you on 59 adventures of common every day objects and food.   Make discoveries about the structures of numerous microscopic animals, find out what they look like at the cellular level.   Also gain an understanding on how to prepare slides and learn about many scientific phenomena such as how a fly can walk upside down on a ceiling.   Some of the everyday common items you will explore are hair, sugar crystals, blood, honey bee, coffee, fingerprints plus plant structures and micro organisms plus many more interesting things.   This book is simple for the beginner as well as interesting for the more experienced students.

Adventures with a Microscope
Item # bkadv Cost : $22.95 (shipping and insurance included)

Microscope Accessory Kit
The kit contains:
12 plain glass slides
2 well (concave slides)
1 plastic box to hold
25 slides
1 plastic handle scalpel
1 pair of plastic forcepts
1 plastic pipet
Directions and helpful hints for preparing simple mounts.

Item #mak01 Cost : $50.00 (shipping and insurance included).

Microscope Slide Storage Box
  These boxes will hold up to 25 slides for safe storage and keep dust and other impurities away from your slides.

Yellow Storage Box
Item # sbyel Cost : $22.95 (shipping and insurance included)
Red Storage Box
Item # sbred Cost : $22.95 (shipping and insurance included)
Green Storage Box
Item # sbgrn Cost : $22.95 (shipping and insurance included)
Blue Storage Box
Item # sbblu Cost : $22.95 (shipping and insurance included)
White Storage Box
Item # sbwht Cost : $22.95 (shipping and insurance included)

Typical Spore Syringe Kit

  This is a typical example of a Spore Syringe Kit.   Included all kits are a hard plastic box for containment, the syringe with sterile water and spores, a needle for the end of the syringe, a precautionary note concerning the kits contents and dangers, and a discount cupon that will be used toward your next purchase.   You may notice that when you receive a spore syringe that all of the spores have all fallen to one side of the syringe.   This is normal.   All that you need do is shake the syringe to put the spores back into suspension.

Typical Spore Kit Order, with Single Spore shown

  This picture is of a typical spore print order.   Both a single spore print and dual spore prints are shown before they are sealed for shippment.   The spore print(s) are shipped via United States Postal Service, First Class with delivery confirmation attached.   Also shown is a discount cupon that will be used toward your next purchase.   The spore print may seem small, but there are millions of spores in each print, an ample amount for your investigations and research.

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