Granular Puffball

  The Granular Puffball, Arachnion album (Arachniaceae, Lycoperdales), is a small, white to buff colored puffball, that disintegrates at maturity and contains a spore mass of grayish particles (gleba) that is solid at first and become powdery as the spores mature.   This mushroom generally measures 3/8-3/4" in width and are most commonly roundish or with a pointed base with a small, tough, rootlike structure that is smooth, dull white that become buff in color at maturity with no apparent gills.   The spore mass is pure white, that become grayish or browinsh-olive in color at maturiey.   The spores measure 4-5.5x3-4.5 microns when viewed under a microscope and are short, elliptical in shape, smooth in apparance, and brownish in color.   This species is mostly seen from June through September on the ground in grass or sandy soil, under trees, and in flower beds.  This species of mushroom has not been proven harmful and is a choice edible when young.

  This mushroom has a range found mostly in the Eastern United States, especially in the SouthEastern regions.

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